The Revolver 42R Evo is one of those rare items that seldom come to the market but when they do they define a new category, the standard by which all others will be measured from there on.

It's difficult to describe something really new. We could try to explain considering her hard features.
For example consider the hard top which allows you to enjoy either a coupé or an open boat. Or the electric operated swimming platform which folds in the aft, and makes it easier to dock and pilot the boat. Not to mention the Italian style interiors with the open space concept for the first time on a boat. To finish with the simple, complete, functional “aero” cockpit, a joy to steer, or we should say to ride?!

But probably its easier to explain if you consider her personality.

Her strength will be revealed with impressive accelerations, when more than 1.300 hp will rage out her rear pipes and, despite the amortized seats, you will have to call for all of your braveness to keep the full throttle. Close your eyes and imagine her long forefront cutting the waves, designing either large or sharp edges always maintaining a steady line, on tracks.

Her complacency is addictive. She adapts the temperature, humidity and sun insulation at your wish. Once you experience that feeling of well-being she offers, regardless of external weather conditions, it's difficult to accept other compromises. And if you want to feel the wind blowing in your hair, she rapidly opens like aconvertible boat. The upper part of the hard-top, just like the rear & lateral windows are retractable.

Remember the sin of pride. You can try to justify yourself by saying that it's difficult not to be proud of such an iconic beauty, but you will certainly be condemned by all those envious people out there. Pride or envy... hard choice!

This boat has a soul. She can relate to you as a person. She is gentle, aggressive, cozy, fascinating.

She will conquer you. Be careful.


Revolver 42R Evo hull and design belong to Michael Peters, one of the noblest names in powerboat design who reported more than two hundred victories in Class 1 Offshore and holds thirteen world titles.

Revolver 42R Evo relies on this heritage, truly authentic. She has a variable deep stepped V hull and both sides of the hull are flat, without spangle.

2 x 700 HP engines

Also recalling racing vessels are boat's twin 700 HP Mercury Racing 700SCi supercharged with sequential injection coupled with stern drive NXT transmissions.

Up to 65 knots

Revolver 42R Evo muscular strength is revealed with its impressive accelerations, when 1,400 HP rages out her rear pipes and, with the comfort of the shock absorbing seats, driver will enjoy the ride at utmost up to 75 thrilling miles speed (over 65 knots).



Lh 12,68m
Lwl 9,56m
Bmax 3,52m
Bh 3,4m
Bwl 2,84m
Draft 0,9m
Displacement dry condition 7200
Displacement full load 9600
Engine 2 x Mercury racing 700hp
Transmission Mercury NXT
Power generator KOHLER 6KW
Cooling/Heating 36.000 BTU
Vmax More than 60kn
Vcr 42kn
Range Vmax 250NM
Range Vcr 320NM
Fuel Tank capacity 2000l
Fuel Gasoline
Water Tank capacity 300l
Max people on board 12
Cabins 1
Bathrooms 1
Certifications ISO-CE cat.B