The core concept underlying the new Revolver 44GT is the idea of transferring the qualities of a Grand Turismo (GT) car to the sea. The result is an elite, high performance vessel with exciting sporty lines, comfort and safety, and an optimal range for long crossings.

The Revolver 44GT showcases a unique and revolutionary mix of “power & cruise”, under the banner of sophisticated design. It is the perfect balance of luxury, avant-garde technology, and innovation. The result is simply breathtaking!.

The new Revolver 44GT is first and foremost a powerful, high performance boat. However, it is not a "normal" powerboat; it is an impressive display of raw power and speed, great range, functionality, and comfort. All of this has been made possible by the technical choices made by the Revolver team, starting with the two Cummins diesel 550 HP engines paired with Arneson Surface Drives.

The GT has distinctive features throughout including the rear air vents with “shark” cut reminiscent of high-end cars from the 1960s and the bow with LED lights built into the protective and powerful fender rail that defines the profile.


The sporty look is perfectly mirrored by the high performance of this grand tourer of the sea. The new Revolver 44GT is equipped with two diesel Cummins engines of 550 HP each paired with Arneson Surface Drives. These ensure great agility and flexibility as well as performance and high cruising speed. Revolver 44GT can easily exceed a maximum speed of 50 knots in total comfort and safety. The even more surprising feature is the long range spirit of the boat, the new 44GT is able to cruise at 40 knots with low consumption: just 50lt/h per engine for a unprecedented fuel economy and low emissions.

This boat’s sophisticated construction, intended to impart the utmost in structural rigidity while minimizing weight, is definitely noteworthy. The hull, roof, and all the structural elements (floor, struts, and bulkheads) are vacuum molded. The resin is vinyl ester; the lamination is a sandwich of Corecell® with E-glass biaxial glass-fiber fabric, and stiffeners are placed along the major structural members with unidirectional and multi-axial carbon fabric. The hard top is structural carbon, with exposed bulkheads just like those found in elite cars.

Technology and aesthetics also go neck and neck in the flooring. Here, the use of Esthec® enables innovative and dynamic edge designs. The material was chosen because it is environmentally friendly and almost maintenance free. The “smoke” color substantially reduces solar heat gain.


LoA 13,09m
Lh 12,95m
Lwl 9,56m
Bmax 3,52m
Bh 3,4m
Bwl 2,84m
Draft 0,85m
Displacement dry condition 8700
Displacement full load 10400
Engine 2 x Cummins QSB 6.7 550hp
Transmission ARNESSON ASD08BIL
Power generator MASE IS 6.1
Cooling/Heating 34.000 BTU
Vmax More than 50kn
Vcr 42kn
Range Vmax 250NM
Range Vcr 300NM
Fuel Tank capacity 2x600l
Fuel Diesel
Water Tank capacity 300l
Max people on board 12
Cabins 1
Bathrooms 1
Certificationsi ISO-CE cat.B